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Presentation | 2021

Mandatory Inclusionary Housing in London

Fei Li is an Assistant Professor at the Urban Studies Institute, Georgia State University (Atlanta) with a research focus on inclusionary housing policies. She presented her research which evaluated how well IZ worked in London (UK) to generate more affordable housing and create mixed-income communities.
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Presentation | 2021

Policy in Place: Models for Federal-Provincial-Municipal Collaboration

This presentation revisited Canada’s history of successful tri-level agreements between federal, provincial, and municipal governments on issues from homelessness to economic development. Working from his recent IMFG paper, Dr. Bradford showed how these agreements offer a model for a more collaborative form of policymaking that includes all orders of government.
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Presentation | 2019

Metropolitan Governance: Future Necessity or Misplaced Dream?

Experts from multiple disciplines have argued in principle for the benefits of metropolitan governance, but how has it played out in practice? On September 19, IMFG Visiting Scholar Alan Harding addressed this question by drawing on his experience as Chief Economic Adviser to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority as well as his many years of academic research on metropolitan governance.
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