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Perspectives Paper | 2017

How Much Local Fiscal Autonomy Do Cities Have? A Comparison of Eight Cities around the World

Local fiscal autonomy is the extent to which local governments rely on locally raised revenues for funding and their ability to set their own tax rates. A comparison of Toronto, London (UK), Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Madrid, Tokyo, and New York reveals that Toronto is less dependent on intergovernmental transfers than many other major cities but, with the exception of London, it has fewer tax options.
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Presentation | 2017

Climate Finance in Ontario: Can Debt Financing Be Green?

Can debt financing be “green”? On June 21, IMFG post-doctoral fellow Gustavo Carvalho presented on climate financing in Ontario cities, looking at financial instruments and strategies that have been successfully implemented elsewhere, with a focus on green bonds, environmental impact bonds, and green banks.
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Perspectives Paper | 2017

Cities as Prudent Investors: New Rules for Investment by Ontario Municipalities

Financial investments are an important part of the fiscal tools available to Canadian municipalities. A well-executed investment strategy can provide a source of income to municipalities, helping them prepare for future budgetary pressures and revenue fluctuations. This paper describes how the current municipal investment regime in Ontario works and its future direction and challenges.
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