Who Does What Series

Canadian municipalities play increasingly important roles in addressing the policy challenges that are at the centre of political debate, including addressing climate change, increasing housing affordability, reforming policing, and confronting public health crises. The growing prominence of municipalities, however, has also led to overlapping responsibilities with provinces and the federal government. Such “entanglement” between orders of government has the potential to result in poor coordination and opaque accountability. At the same time, combining the strengths and capabilities of different orders of government – whether in setting policy, convening, funding, or delivering services – can sometimes lead to more effective action.

The Who Does What series gathers academics and practitioners to examine the role municipalities should play in key policy areas, the reforms required to ensure municipalities can deliver on their responsibilities, and the collaboration required among governments to meet the country’s challenges.

Produced by the Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance and Urban Policy Lab

Editors: Gabriel Eidelman, Kass Forman, Tomas Hachard, and Enid Slack

Cover of The Municipal Role in Policing


Alok Mukherjee and Jihyun Kwon Erick Laming

Cover of The Municipal Role in Public Health

Public Health

Katherine Fierlbeck and Gaynor Watson-Creed Lawrence Loh Lindsay McLaren and Jason Cabaj

Cover of the Who Does What: Municipal Role in Climate Policy

Climate Change

Elliott Cappell Sadhu Johnston Jennifer Winter

Cover of the Municipal Role in Housing Report


Carolyn Whitzman, Alexandra Flynn, Penny Gurstein, and Craig Jones Lilian Chau and Jill Atkey Greg Suttor Nick Falvo

Cover of The Municipal Role in Economic Development with a picture of skyscrapers at night in a circle. List of authors and editors plus logos of IMFG, Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy and University of Toronto

Economic Development

Shauna Brail Charles Conteh Leann Hackman-Carty

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