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Who Does What Report | 2022

The Municipal Role in Policing

New IMFG report describes the current challenges in delivering police services across three orders of government, and sets out approaches to address these challenges.
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Presentation | 2022

Using Green Investment Banks to Finance Low-Carbon Pathways

On November 29, 2022, IMFG postdoctoral fellow Robert Stewart outlined the GIB model, describe how GIB entities are being used across several countries to finance low-carbon economic activity, and discuss the potential application of GIBs as tools for Canadian municipalities to bridge low-carbon financing gaps.
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Who Does What Report | 2022

The Municipal Role in Public Health

Who Does What report examines the role municipalities play in public health, the constraints they face, and how they can work better with other orders of government.
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Video | 2022

Strong(er) Mayors: What Difference Will They Make?

In this video, our expert panel examined what the “Strong Mayors” policy actually means: what difference will it really make? Is it a sea change or a tempest in a teapot? Will strong mayors actually mean stronger cities?
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